LOADRITE Data Solutions

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    LOADRITE data solutions to complement your weighing systems
    in Melbourne & Launceston

    Loadrite Data Solutions

    LOADRITE Printer

    loadrite im printer

    Add a LOADRITE Printer to your LOADRITE Weighing System and get a hard copy of each load. These printers are compatible with every LOADRITE™ on-board weighing system.

    The direct plug-in accessory delivers time-stamped and dated hard copies of all weighing information instantly.

    Using data stored in the console memory, more detailed reports can also be produced, such as:

    • Shift, daily or weekly accumulated totals
    • Product usage
    • KPI report

    Operators can also easily report loading activity through the day with daily product totals such as:

    • Daily customer totals – summary of total product loaded for customer (customer report)
    • Daily truck totals – summary of total product loaded for trucks (truck report)
    • The LOADRITE™ printer is suitable for single or duplicate paper
    Every business knows that when it comes to monitoring and collecting data for business performance and to cover legal obligations, accuracy is crucial. The LOADRITE data solutions systems can be tailored to provide everything that your small or multinational business requires in data solutions that complements your weighing system.

    LOADRITE MMS reporting software

    loadrite im series mms

    LOADRITE MMS reporting enables you to measure, manage and improve your productivity.

    With the LOADRITE™ Material Management System (MMS) installed on your computer, you can turn your LOADRITE™ on-board scale into a powerful business management tool.

    The LOADRITE™ MMS also enables you to gather load data from your LOADRITE™ scale and transfer it across your site in a secure, paperless manner.
    The recorded information can be used for inventory management, product tracking and identifying bottlenecks in your operation.

    MMS is compatible with the LOADRITE™ L-2180, Express™ and Sprint™ systems.

    A standard report includes:

        •    Date and time
        •    Company name
        •    Loader/operator identification
        •    On-site loading location
        •    Required amount of product
        •    Truck identification
        •    Docket identification
        •    Customer name
        •    Product loaded and total truck load weight
        •    Individual bucket load weights
        •    Weight units (lb, tn, t, kg)

    The MMS data can also be exported into a CSV format for analysis in Excel and integration into third party reporting software.

    Communications options

    loadrite im communications

    LOADRITE™ offers several data communications solutions to send data from your LOADRITE™ weighing system to an office PC in a secure, paperless manner.

    LOADRITE™ enables you to transfer data via the following technologies:

    • LOADRITE data module
    • 900 MHz radio link
    • 2.4 GHz radio link
    • GSM / GPRS cellular modem
    • WIFI 802.11 a/b/g network
    • Ethernet network
    • Serial connection

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