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    Take a look at the LOADRITE L Series in Melbourne & Launceston

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    LOADRITE L series on-board weighing

    The tried and tested LOADRITE™ series of wheel loader weighing systems provide entry-level through to advanced functionality options for all types of wheel loaders. Whatever level of accuracy you need, from small loader basic weighing information to highly accurate measuring and data capture for production-sized loaders, the LOADRITE L series will provide the answer.

    Recognised as the industry standard, the LOADRITE™ L Series wheel loader scale product line is the result of over 30 years’ industry expertise gained by working closely with our loyal industry partner machine operators.

    LOADRITE Series 2180
    The most advanced wheel loader scales

    loadrite l series
    The challenge of achieving the maximum value from existing equipment is the same for both site and fleet owners, and this can be achieved through utilising existing plant and equipment to its maximum.

    With the availability of the most accurate and up-to-date information, the most efficient and cost-effective decisions can be made. Thanks to being much more than just an on-board scale, the L2180™ from LOADRITE™ provides an easy way to capture information on the loading process right where it takes place - on the loader.

    The L2180™ also excels at providing highly accurate weighing and is designed to produce an accurate and consistent weight every time. Its consistency in weighing performance is as important as its accuracy in all aspects of the loading operations.

    Using proprietary FACT™ (Friction and Ambient Compensation Technology) software, the L2180™ on-board scale calculates an accurate weight, regardless of time of day, machine type, operator or temperature. FACT ensures you load right every time.

    The L2180™ also delivers real financial benefits for any wheel loader application. The extensive feature set can be easily configured to suit a wide range of industries and materials. These include:

        •     Sand
        •     Stone and gravel
        •     Public works
        •     Waste/recycling

    If you are looking to up your weighing game to the next level, the L2180™ is a premium loader scale with the flexibility and reliability that is required in today’s competitive market. It is also the most popular scale in the LOADRITE™ product range and accounts for 70% of all installations worldwide.

    LOADRITE L Series Express
    Weighing technology you can rely upon

    Loader scale indicator

     LOADRITE L Series Express
    Built using the same reliable hardware as the industry standard LOADRITE™ L-2180, the Express™ is a high-precision on-board loader scale you can count on. The technology that powers the Express™ has been used in testing conditions in over 40 countries without ever missing a beat.

    The Express™ also offers high-level weighing accuracy regardless of lift speed and loader movement. This is achieved by a complex package of multiple-point triggering, speed compensation, and dual-pressure measurement. All you need to know is that trucks will be loaded to the right weight the first time.

    However, there is more to the Express™ on-board scale than just reliability and accurate weighing.

    Data entry and logging features allow you to monitor the efficiency and productivity of any front end loader operation. While these features are not as extensive as those of the LOADRITE™ L-2180™ , they do provide a flexible and accessible interface that is ideal for basic data tracking and handling.

    L Series Force
    Supercharge your machine operators 

    Simple but accurate on-board weighing

     L Series Force
    Now every machine operator can quickly and easily load trucks exactly to their target weight. The LOADRITE Force™ helps gauge accurate loading through its no-frills interface.

    Industry leading weighing accuracy ensures trucks are correctly loaded before they get to the weighbridge. Wheel loader scales cut down on congestion and reduce waiting times, increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

    Built on reliable field-proven hardware, the LOADRITE Force™ is a user-friendly, high-performance wheel loader weighing system. It has fewer functions than some of the other LOADRITE models that make it a fast and easy to use system.

    Just like the high-end L-2180™ and Express™ models, the LOADRITE Force™ is multiple-point weighing enabled. This feature allows weighing to be carried out in transit, without slowing down the operator.

    The system is ideally suited to applications that require accuracy of loading, but for which more advanced features are not necessary.

    LOADRITE L Series Sprint
    Basic on-board weighing for compact loaders 

    Low cost on-board weighing technology

     LOADRITE L Series Sprint
    The LOADRITE Sprint™ is a smart business investment that provides basic weighing for compact loaders and forklifts. The simple six-key interface makes the Sprint™ ideal for those who are in a hurry to save money.

    By accurately weighing and helping to correctly load products, the LOADRITE Sprint™ helps to load safely and accurately in operations that don’t need data management capabilities.

    Overloading of vehicles is minimised eliminating lost product, fines, and mechanical stress from overloading.

    Construction sites and warehouse operations benefit from the time and money saved by moving the right amount of material quickly.

    In keeping with smaller machines, the Sprint™ can support four separate weighing implements, allowing weighing with a selection of pre-calibrated implements of differing sizes, e.g. buckets and forks.

    LOADRITE L Series Legal for Trade
    Turn your loader into a mobile weighbridge

    legal for trade

    A Legal for Trade loader scale saves money and facilitates easy invoicing by effectively transforming the loader into a mobile weighbridge. This facility is especially valuable for mobile or remote sites.

    With a Legal for Trade LOADRITE™ weighing system, you can:

    • Eliminate the expense of a scale house and operator
    • Sell product legally, direct from your loader
    • Experience faster truck turnaround times
    • Provide traceable data on loading activity

    Call the weighing technology experts at Galesafe Weighing now  on 03 9465 0900 for more details of the LOADRITE L Series.

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